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Jersey Italian Gravy is a high quality, all natural, pure, wholesome, delicious tomato product using only 5 ingredients yet packed with flavor. This “Jersey Classic” is slow simmered and balanced to a perfect taste without any artificial preservatives or added spices. 

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Jersey Italian Gravy featured as "Best Celebrity Holiday Gift" in Ok! Weekly magazine!

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 I am 100% Italian. Growing up every Saturday my mom would make her gravy and it would simmer on low for several hours. I miss it so much. After numerous attempts to make it myself, I always felt something was missing. My mom never measured anything. It was a little bit of this, and a pinch of that all done using her hands as measuring cups. Well when I tasted your gravy, there it was, the exact same taste as my moms! Thank you!

-P. Kent, Peach Bottom, PA